Resident Evil Village Reviews Roundup

Resident Evil Village the eighth entry in the popular Resident Evil franchise from Capcom has been put into the hands of reviewers and their reviews are starting to trickle out. This newest entry in the series is the second first-person perspective game featuring protagonist Ethan Winters. Ethan is looking for for his missing daughters in a strange village. Like other Resident Evil titles things quickly escalate and Ethan must faceoff against a number mysterious creatures. The full list of review scores by major outlets can be found below in our Resident Evil Village reviews roundup.

Resident Evil Review Scores from Major Outlets

Image showing Chris in Resident Evil Village.

Ahead of its May 7th release Resident Evil Village was reviewed by most major outlets on May 5. This is a roughly two-day window for players to determine whether they want the game or not. Thankfully for fans most of the major outlets appeared to appreciate the game and rated it accordingly:

Over on Metacritic the game is hovering at an 84 while more reviews come trickling in. For perspective Resident Evil 7 which ushered in the new direction of the series is sitting at an 86 from critics. This makes Resident Evil Village in-line with its predecessor.

Do the above reviews impact your purchase of the game? If so why? If not why? Let me know what your thinking about this title in the comments below. If you do pick it up we will have plenty of guides to help you get through the game.

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