Resident Evil Village: How to Get the STAKE Magnum

There are a number of weapons for players to unlock, find, and purchase in Resident Evil Village. These weapons range from standard handguns to more bizarre lightsaber melee weapons. One of the more basic weapons you can acquire in the game is a special magnum called the S.T.A.K.E. Use our Resident Evil Village how to get the STAKE. magnum guide below to grab this weapon for yourself.

Complete the Game then Purchase STAKE From Duke on NG+

Image showing the STAKE Magnum in Resident Evil Village.

The S.T.A.K.E. magnum is a weapon you can acquire in the game’s New Game Plus mode. This weapon is sold by the Duke during your second playthrough on a completed save. The earliest you can purchase this weapon is when you first encounter the Duke outside Castles Dimitrescu after the Mine escape. The S.T.A.K.E. Magnum sells for 300,000 Lei. It has the following stats:

Rate of Fire1.3
Reload Speed2.7
Ammo Capacity10

Like most of the weapons in the game you can upgrade the stats listed above through the Duke’s Gunsmithy service. There are also two attachments you can purchase for this weapon which are the High-Capacity Mag and the Improved Grip. Upon fully upgrading this weapon you can purchase its infinite ammo cheat from the Extra Content Shop.

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