Resident Evil 7 Unlocks for Beating the Game

Resident Evil 7 is out and it is spooking gamers all over the place. Like other games in the series, Resident Evil 7 has specific unlocks for accomplishing certain things in the main story. Below is a list of the Resident Evil 7 unlocks.

Resident Evil 7 Unlocks

Resident Evil 7 Unlocks

Dirty Coin – Complete the demo with the Dirt Coin in your inventory.


Right off the bat there are two unlocks for simply beating Resident Evil 7 on either the easy or normal difficulties: Madhouse difficulty and the Albert-01R handgun:

Madhouse difficulty –  Is a harder game mode where enemies do more damage and there is no health regeneration. Enemies appear in higher numbers and move faster. Autosaves less often and you will be required to carry cassette tapes with you in order to use save rooms. Items locations are changes than in previous difficulties and resources are scarcer. Overall this game mode is much harder.

Beating Resident Evil 7 on Madhouse difficulty unlocks infinite ammo. 

Albert-01R handgun – Finishing Resident Evil 7 puts this handgun into your item box. The handgun itself is capable of huge damage to enemies, but has limited ammo.


Both of these unlocks can be yours for simply beating the game on easy. The item below is unlocked by completing the game on normal.

The Secrets of Defense – This item is a scroll which reduces the damage an enemy will do to you when you are in the guard/block position.  In order to gain items damage decreasing effect, players must have the Secrets of Defense in their inventory.

Up to this point unlocks have been focused on simply beating the game. The Resident Evil 7 unlocks below, require a bit more skill to unlock. These unlocks range from completing the game in a speedrun fashion, or collecting items.


Walking Shoes – Complete Resident Evil 7 on easy or normal while getting the Mr. Everywhere Statuettes.

Circular Saw – Complete Resident Evil 7 in less than 4 hours on any difficulty.

X – Ray Glasses – Complete Resident Evil 7 in less than 4 hours on any difficulty.

The Essence of Defense – Complete the game on easy while collecting all Mr. Everywhere Statuettes.


If you know how to get the last few remaining Resident Evil 7 unlocks let me know in the Pit below


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