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Once you’ve completed the first area in Watch Dogs Legion you will unlock the fourth story mission called Reporting For Duty. In this story mission you will learn about the recruitment system and how to find and recruit members of your team. To complete this mission you will need to recruit a construction worker to join your cause. To help you check out the guide below.

Complete Multiple Objectives at the Ministry of Civic Management Building

The first objective of this mission is to access the SIRS Data Relay outside the Ministry of Civic Management building. This relay is to the right as you enter from the south entrance. Once you’ve accessed the relay you will need to head further into the courtyard to Launch AR Reconstruction Test. This test is done in the center of the courtyard. When completed you will need to access the server in the northwest corner of the courtyard. After all of this is done leave the area.

Recruit a Construction Worker

Out of the Ministry of Civic Management building you will trigger your next objective. To complete this objective you need to find and recruit a construction worker. Thankfully there is a construction site just down the road. Head there now to find a ton of construction worker NPCs. Approach whichever you want to recruit and talk to them to trigger a cutscene.

Regardless of which NPC you choose you will need to complete a quest for them. This quest takes you to the Camden Market where you must erase the contents of a laptop. Once you’ve completed this mini-quest you recruited your construction worker. All that’s left is to meet them at Connie’s Pub. Go there now to trigger a cutscene.

Complete the Server Heist

After the cutscene you will take control of your construction worker operative. Take this operative and head to the Westminster Cathedrals. Here call your cargo drone, hijack it, then get on it and ride it to the heist location. On the rooftop of this building ride the drone over to the server and pick it up. Take it to the truck waiting down below to complete the heist.

Drive and AR Reconstruct Twice

Once the heist is completed and the server is loaded onto the truck you will need to drive the truck to two locations around London. The first location is Buckingham Palace. The second location is Piccadilly Circus. At the second location you will be attacked by Albion soldiers while the AR is reconstructing. Survive the assault then attend the meeting back at the safehouse.

Upon watching the cutscene in the safehouse you will have completed the Reporting For Duty mission. This is the fourth mission in the game’s main story. The following mission is called Digging Up the Past.

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