Red Dead Online Quick Draw Club Number 1 Content

The new Red Dead Online Blood Money update is finally out and with it comes a new set of passes players can purchase for 25 Gold. Dubbed the Quick Draw Club this new pass system features 25 ranks of unlockable content on both a free and paid track. Let’s take a look at the Red Dead Online Quick Draw Club number 1 content below.

What’s inside the Red Dead Online Quick Draw Club Number 1?

The first Quick Draw Club pass can be purchased for 25 Gold. This pass features 25 ranks of unlockable content on both free and paid tracks. If you purchase the pass and complete it you will get all 25 Gold back. The pass contains the following unlockable items at each rank.

RankFree Paid
1Eagle Eye Filter15% Role XP Boost
240% off Select Revolvers
3Leather Wrap – Cherry (Longarms)
4Asking for Trouble (Emote)
5RDO$50The Redcliff (Outfit)
3x Gold Bars
6Blossom Background
7Tousled Mane – Black & Smoke25 Capitale
8Cock A Snook (Emote)
930% off Naturalist’s Wilderness Camp
Pause Menu Filter
10Fircroft Hat
1140% off non-role Pamphlets4x Gold Bars
Mustard Tartan Wrap (Longarms)
12New Hanover Buckle
Provisions Parcel
– Potent Miracle Tonics.
– Plain Game.
– Plain Plump Bird meat.
13Robbers Pose (Posse Portrait)
143x Gold Bars
15RDO$200Valentine Buckle
16Frayed Mane
174x Gold Bars
18Emerald Wilderness Wrap (Longarms)
1925%+ Role XP
3x Gold Bars
20Rushword Shirt
214x Gold Bars
22West Elizabeth BandanaLemoyne (Flag)
23Treasure Map – North Tumbleweed
40 Capitale
244x Gold Bars
25Leather Wrap – Sage (Longarms)Cattlemen Revolver Variant
Rushword Shirt

Completing the entire paid track of the pass will earn you 25 Gold. Buying all four of the Quick Draw Club passes coming the next few months will reward you with free access to the Halloween Pass 2 planned for later in the year. If you play RDO a lot I recommend picking up the pass as it features a variety of bonuses you may find useful during your playthrough.

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