Rage 2 How to Unlock Cheat Codes

Cheat codes, those relics of a bygone era, are making a huge comeback in Rage 2 as players will be able to equip some pretty awesome cheat codes to use out in the wasteland. To help you get cheats for yourself use our how to unlock cheat codes in Rage 2 guide below.

Important Note: Playing Rage 2 with cheat codes activated pause Trophies or Achievements unlocks.

Standard Edition Owners: Purchase Cheats from Mangoo the Unborn (AKA The Wasteland Wizard)

Image showing Mangoo's shop in Rage 2

Image showing the Wasteland Wizard merchant in Rage 2.

Those that purchased the Standard Edition of Rage 2 can access cheat codes via a merchant calle Mangoo the Unborn. Mangoo is a travelling merchant who utilizes three large green balloons attached to his hut to travel from place to place. As you get closer to Mangoo you will see a small wizard hut icon on your compass.

Mangoo sells the following Cheat Codes:

  • Klegg Support: Summons a friendly ally to help you in combat.
  • $500 Progress Booster: Consumable that doubles all Feltrite collected for 4 hours.
  • $1000 Git Gud: All enemies go down in one hit.
  • $1000 Super Phoenix: A better, more powerful version of the Phoenix spawns.
  • $1000 Super Overdrive: Boosts the power of Overdrive ability.
  • $1000 Super Phoenix: Boosts the power of the Phoenix (car).
  • $1000 Super Wingstick: Trigger a spinning blade which tracks down enemies.
  • $2000 Red Barrel Rain: Drops a cluster of explosive red barrels in front of you.
  • $2000 Son of Thor: Lightning strikes you which can then be redirected at enemies.
  • $2000 Voice Pack – Diamond Geezer: English actor Danny Dyer commentates your game.
  • $2000 Voice Pack – He’s On Fire: NBA Jam announcers commentate your game.

All of the above mentioned cheat codes are sold for cash. You will need to find Mangoo and purchase the codes you want to have them appear on your cheat list.

Deluxe/Collector’s Edition Owners: Equip Cheats in Menu

This is a photo of the Cheats option in Rage 2.

If you purchased the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Rage 2 your already well ahead of the Standard Edition players. Included in the Deluxe/Collector’s Edition is access to all of the cheat codes in Rage 2. If you own the Deluxe/Collector’s Edition you will find your cheat codes are accessible under Menu > Settings > Cheats. Here you can toggle on and off the different cheat codes. Keep in mind cheats only last for one session and must be turned on each new session (they default to off).

How to Turn on Cheat Codes

This image shows the different cheats in Rage 2.

If you’ve read this far and still don’t know how to equip cheats in Rage 2 let me show you. To equip any cheats you’ve unlocked simply access the Menu > Settings > Cheats. Once on the cheats screen you can turn on the different cheats you want to have active. As mentioned above cheats remain active for the current session but turn off when a new session is started. Enjoy cheating your way through the wasteland!

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