Rage 2 How to Access Authority Headquarters

One of the last story missions in Rage 2 is Project Dagger. During this mission you are tasked with entering the Authority Headquarters. This task can be a bit confusing so I’m here to show you how to access Authority Headquarters in Rage 2. Let’s get started.

Drive to the Authority Headquarters

Image showing the location of the Authority Headquarters on Rage 2's map.

To start you need to make your way to the Authority Headquarters which are located northwest of the Trade Town Wellspring in the mountains. Before heading out spawn in the Xerxes III as you need it for entry. As you make your way to the Authority Headquarters avoid driving right in as there are a total of four Authority turrets guarding the entrance.

Optional: Take out Turrets

Image showing destroyed turret at the Authority Headquarters in Rage 2.

Note: Taking out the four turrets is an easy way to earn four Ark Tek Cores.

The four turrets can be a bit of a pain to deal with, but taking them out will make the next part of entering the Authority Headquarters far less painful. Since there are four turrets to take out you will need to come prepared. Hopefully at this point you have some maxed out weapons. Regardless take out the turrets if you want.

Gain Access with Xerxes III

Screenshot showing the Xerxes III gaining access to the Authority Headquarters in Rage 2.

Once the coast is clear make your way forward in the Xerxes III. Eventually you will reach a gate which blocks your progress. Drive the Xerxes III onto the lift and wait for a brief moment to hear the NPCs speak. Once you’ve been validated the gate to the Authority Headquarters will open.

There you have it, a quick and easy guide showing you how to access Authority Headquarters in Rage 2. Congratulations on making it to the end of the game!

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