Radical Heights Teases Female Characters and Outfits

UpdateRadical Heights no longer exists as a game and Boss Key Productions has dissolved as a studio.

Last week Boss Key productions quickly revealed and then released a new battle royale shooter called Radical Heights. The 80s, game show themed approach went live on Steam and was immediately noted for lacking any female character models in game. Today, Cliff Bleszinski has now teased that female characters are coming soon and showed players a brief look at what can be expected.

From the CliffyB tweet we can see the 80’s look the female character models will have in Radical Heights. From the neon jumpsuit and big hair, to the headband and old sneakers, everything fits into the aesthetic the newest competitor in the battle royale genre is trying to create.

As Radical Heights is currently in XTREME Early Access, expect Boss Key to make a number of radical changes to the game as they gather more and more information from their player base. Adding female characters is definitely a step in the right direction for those that like having options.

Radical Heights is currently F2P on Steam Early Access.

Thoughts on the Radical Heights female characters and outfits? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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