Poochy Puppy Locations in Rail-Yard Run Level Yoshi’s Crafted World

Once you advance a bit into Yoshi’s Crafted World, you will unlock Flip Side levels which are levels run backwards. Alongside the Flip Side you will also unlock a new collectible in the form of Puppies. Each level has three puppies to find. Here are the Puppy locations in the Rail-Yard Run level of Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Note: Collect all three of the Puppies listed below in under 2:30.00 to earn a flower.

Puppy 1 Location: Right in front of you after Train Ride

Puppy 1 Location Right in front of you after Train Ride

When you start the level you will take a short train ride. As soon as you jump off the train you will see the first puppy on the path in front of you. Run up to it to collect it.

Puppy 2 Location: Running Between Bushes in Background

Puppy 2 Location Running Between Bushes in Background

As you make your way towards the finish line you will see two gold and one red shy guys standing in the background along the pathway. Behind them are a couple of bushes. Running between these bushes is the second puppy.

Puppy 3 Location: Inside Jelly Beans Tunnel

Puppy 3 Location Inside Jelly Beans Tunnel

Continue forward towards the finish line and you will eventually reach a point where there are a number of Jelly Bean cartoons strung together to make a tunnel. Go inside the tunnel and you will find the third puppy.

For each puppy you collect you will earn a flower. Collect all three under the 2:30.00 mark and you will earn an extra flower for you efforts.

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