PSA: The Division Open BETA is this Weekend

Hi all. Just a friendly reminder that the Division Open Beta starts this weekend. In fact Xbox One owners will get to jump onto the beta starting early tomorrow. Ubisoft announced earlier that the Beta will provide players with access to new legendaries and a new mission. Also players who take part in beta will receive some kind of bonus item come launch day. I for one, am excited to jump back into New York City; plunder loot, level and kill in the Darkzone. Ubisoft already secured my preorder, but I am still excited to test out the game and see all the updates Ubi has made. Enjoy!



The Division Open Beta

Are you gonna play the open Beta? Think the game is a total dud? Hate Ubi? Let me know in the pit below


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7 responses

  1. FilmApe says:

    I guess since everyone is busy playing The Division, then the pit is mine…

  2. FilmApe says:

    Watched someone play for about twenty minutes, got handed the control, but just immediately handed it back. Doesn’t look appealing at all.

  3. Thokozani says:

    Yes, Maybe, Hated their last few games.

  4. FilmApe says:

    No, yes, yes…

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