PSA: Mafia is Free on Steam Until September 5

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the gangster open-world franchise, Mafia, 2K Games is giving away the title that started it all for free on Steam. The 2002 released Mafia is free on Steam until September 5th, so be sure to claim it before it goes back to original retail price.

Free Game: Mafia

Image showing a screenshot from Mafia (2002).
A screenshot from Mafia (2002).

The original Mafia game released back in 2002. It is a third-person shooter that features a mix of gunplay, driving, and open-world exploration. Story-wise his game tells the tale of Tommy Angelo, a cab driver in Lost Heaven. Tommy joins the Salieri crime family and works his way up the ranks of the crime syndicate.

The original Mafia spawned a remake in 2020 called the Mafia: Definitive Edition. The free version on Steam is the 2002 version of the game, so it is more of a classic gameplay experience. With that being said, there is a very robust modding community for the title from which you can download a number of different tweaks and fixes for the game.

Free games are fairly popular now. There is a wide-range of options for players to access either free-to-play games or free titles in celebration of certain milestones in a game’s life. The Epic Game Store releases free games every week. Check out this post to see what’s available.

How do you feel that Mafia is free on Steam until September 5? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. The free version of the game on Steam is the version from 2002, so it is more of a classic way to play.

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