Project Playtime Co-Op Game Announced by MOB Games

Fans of Poppy Playtime have a new reason to be excited. Developers MOB Games have teased that there is a new Poppy Playtime based multi-player title on the way. This tease revealed Project Playtime, which is set to release on December 2023.

Project Playtime Announced With Cryptic Image

News of the upcoming title came from the official MOB Games Twitter account. This account tweeted out a message to its followers, early on Halloween. The message “Can you see this…? Give us a sign…” and features an image containing hands what appears to be a shootable GrabPack gun.

Alongside the picture and the cryptic method the studio shed further details on what players can expect from the title. The game has been in development for 6 months and will be a free-to-play horror experience in which players must try to survive the threats that lurk in the Playtime Co. factory.

The studio appears to have hidden some secrets in the actual image itself. The most obvious is the string of numbers in the center of the image that read These numbers could have a number of different meanings from an IP address to coordinates.

Project Playtime is a spin-off of the popular Poppy Playtime first-person horror adventure game released back in 2021. The game was a smash-success amongst players, mixing fun exploration with creepy atmosphere. Currently there’s a third chapter set to release for Poppy Playtime in 2023.

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