Project Katharsis Achievement Guide

Project Katharsis is a free to play title on Steam which tasks players with protecting a group of survivors on a dangerous planet. While you are trying to help the npcs survive there are a number of achievements for you to collect. Use our Project Katharsis achievement guide below to collect them all.

Note: There are a total of 11 achievements to collect in Project Katharsis.

Welcome to the Unknown Achievement: The first achievement you will unlock in Project Katharsis is the Welcome to the Unknown achievement. To get this achievement you need to play Project Katharsis for the first time. Simply start the game to unlock this achievement (should unlock on the screen pictured above).

Getting Used to It Achievement: To unlock the Getting Used to It achievement you need to build a Command Center. This happens naturally as you progress through the storyline though you need to gather at least 20 Carbon before you can build it. Once the Command Center is built you will unlock this achievement.

Dangerous Neighbours Achievement: As you progress the story you will be prompted to build a spotlight. Once the spotlight is built you will enter night time. During this time you will be prompted to assign a crew member to night watch. Do this to unlock the Dangerous Neighbours achievement.

Humans Need Food Achievement: During the nights you need to feed your survivors food so they do not die. To do this drag food item into the box marked Drag Food. The first time you feed a survivor you will unlock the achievement.

Humans Can Die Achievement: If you don’t feed your survivors they will eventually die. Doing this unlocks the Humans Can Die achievement. RIP Alex.

Getting Used to It Achievement: To unlock this achievement you need to beat the first level in Project Katharsis. This first level is called Strange New Land. The ending of the level occurs when your find the gate in the northern area of the level.

Ancient Knowledge Achievement: This achievement is unlocked by finding a Blueprint in the world. This occurs during level 2.

Winter is Coming Achievement: To unlock this achievement you need to craft and equip a Gear Module.

Praise the Sun Achievement: Complete a playthrough of level 2, The Frozen Tundra.

Bodyguard Achievement: Equip a survivor with a rifle (crafted via the Armory) and have them follow you.

It wasn’t that bad: Beat the game. This is done by completing all three levels.

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