Project Condor is a new Control spin-off multiplayer title from Remedy

Remedy Entertainment has experienced some tremendous success from their title Control. Now they are pushing further into the game’s world by creating a new multiplayer game. The working title of this new project is Project Condor and it will be co-published by 505 Games.

News of the upcoming multiplayer title came from a statement released on the official Remedy Games website. This statement comes from Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director of the Control franchise.

While not a ton of details are discussed there are a few tidbits to gleam from Mikal’s statement. First and for-most the game is multiplayer and will be built in the world of Control. The second is that there will be more resources dumped into the project both financially, creatively, and from a technological standpoint. Lastly, the team at Remedy appears to understand there is trepidation around creating a multiplayer title so they are proceeding with a “mix of excitement and respect.”

Project Condor Concept Art from Remedy.
Image via Remedy.

The lack of details seems to imply the game is in fairly early development right now. They did provide a piece of concept art showing four characters and a body bag, which plays into the multiplayer aspect of the title.

To wrap up the post fans wanting to get their hands on Control merchandise will get a chance to rather soon. The company will be selling some in August to celebrate the game’s second anniversary. More details on the merchandise will be coming soon.

Thoughts on Project Condor being a multiplayer title? Let me hear them in the comments below.


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1 response

  1. Chris says:

    I frankly don’t see the point in trying to jump on the multiplayer bandwagon for games these days.
    Like titanfall wasn’t a huge success but Apex legends exploded. I get that. However control was a success, not just critically like Titanfall but commercially. Which means it’s player base has already become accustomed to that play style.
    Im not going to tell remedy what to do and they have always delivered in the past. I love all their games. I just don’t see the point in making another four player team based game. Those are a dime a dozen.
    You know what isn’t though? Amazing single player experiences that take you on an adventure while telling you a complex layered story meant to both move you emotionally and provoke you mentally. Those are rare and the lack of them is truly sickening, but there was the remedy in Remedy’s games.
    I’m obviously not hoping they fail. I hope they either realize we’d way rather have the sequel to control than some multiplayer game that if it tanks jeopardizes the possible future of said sequel or they make a multiplayer game that’s so good it makes both critics and consumers forget that the market is saturated with these four player “each one has a different skill set and strength” type of games, so it does well enough that we do get that sequel to control that the world so desperately needs.
    Jesse is an amazingly written character in a world of poorly written female characters. She has motivations, damage, fear, bravery, and an internal dialogue that players both male and female can relate to. I just don’t see how you can tell a story like that in a multiplayer setting, and if Remedy isn’t telling a story then why are they even getting involved? Storytelling is what they do best.

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