Prey Weapon Location Guide

6. Q Beam

The Q Beam is a deadly laser beam you can get in Prey. This weapon is especially deadly against larger enemies, so you will want to have it in your arsenal. There are a few ways to get the Q Beam, but the easiest way I found was to complete the Chef’s Request. Located inside the Crew Quarters is a Cafeteria.

As you enter the Cafeteria, you hear a voice requesting you to clear the Cafeteria of enemies. After you do this, the Chef will request you retrieve a trophy from his room. Do this and the Chef will let you inside the Kitchen. Inside the Kitchen, you will be asked to either repair or replace a broken water part. Do this and the Chef will let you into the freezer. Inside the Freezer is the Q Beam.

7. Disruptor Stun Gun

The Disruptor Stun Gun stuns enemies and allows for easy damage dealing. To get this gun, look for the body of Jia Kyun – Ho. Beside his corpse you will find the gun.

8. NullWave Transmitter

Prey Weapon Location Guide

Nullwave transmitter is a throwable weapon which suppress Psi ability.  I found these inside the workshops in the upper area of the Psychotronics. Look for a desk with a computer and multiple Nullwave Transmitters on it.

9.Typhon Lure

Prey Weapon Location Guide

The Typhon Lure is located in the same area as the Nullwave Transmitter. Look for an area of the workshop where they are testing the Lures. Here you will find quite a few.

10. Recycler Charge

On your way towards Dr. Calvino’s Workshop, you will come across a Phantom in a flaming hallway. Inside this hallway is a locked door and a body. Beside the body is the first Recycler Charge. Go inside the Recycler Lab using the keycard from the body to collect even more.

11. EMP Charge

After you discover that Dr. Calvino is floating outside the station, you will be tasked with going out to his body. To do this, you need to craft thrusters. This is done inside the machine shop. In order to reach the crafting table, you will jump up to a suspended walkway. On this walkway is a body. Beside the body is an Emp Charge.

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    Boltcaster is useless my butt. Someone isn’t playing on hard enough difficulty to make this weapon shine. Not only is it great for distracting but can open some areas in a shortcut manner

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