Prey Weapon Location Guide

Prey features a bunch of weapons for you to use to fight the aliens aboard the Talos 1. These weapons range from blunt instruments, to more sophisticated weaponry. Weapons can be found as you playthrough Prey. Below is our Prey Weapon location guide.

1. The Wrench

The first weapon you get in Prey is the trust old Wrench. After waking to repeat the same day again, you will notice something is amiss. Exit your apartment and you will discover that the worker here is no longer alive. Beside her corpse is the Wrench. The Wrench uses stamina to swing and has a strong attack.

2. GLOO Cannon

The GLOO Cannon is the second item you will find as you playthrough Prey. This gun is located in a hallway beside the room with the Phantom in it. This weapon is next to impossible to miss. Using this weapon essentially covers the enemy in glue, causing them to freeze for a few seconds. The effect itself does not kill.

3. Yu family’s heirloom Margrave shotgun

Whether or not you get this weapon, depends on if your pre-ordered Prey. As this is a pre-order bonus, the weapon is found inside the Special Locker in Morgan’s Office.

4. Silenced Pistol

After you have gone to Morgan’s Office, you will be tasked with exploring Dr. Calvino’s Workshop. Along the way you will pass through the Teleconferencing Center. Beside a body in this room is the Silenced Pistol. Be careful as there may be what appears to be more than one, but the other is a Mimic.

5. Huntress Boltcaster (AKA Nerf gun)

After you make your way out of the Teleconferencing Center, you will come to a bridge on your right or continuing on to your left towards Dr. Calvino’s Workshop. Take the bridge to your right and you will see a door to the Sales Office. Inside the Sales Office is a Phantom you will either have to face, or sneak by. Inside an office on the left side of the room is this useless weapon.



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  1. CaptClue says:

    Boltcaster is useless my butt. Someone isn’t playing on hard enough difficulty to make this weapon shine. Not only is it great for distracting but can open some areas in a shortcut manner

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