Prey Walkthrough Guide

Arkane Studios, Prey, dropped on May 5th. This first – person, action – adventure game is full of scares, exploration, and a rich storyline. This page serves as the hub for our Prey walkthrough. Here you will find our main Prey walkthrough which covers the main story all the way the the game’s ending. Alongside our main Prey guide is a collection of miscellaneous walkthroughs ranging from Door Codes to how to access Prey’s DLC. If you are looking for Prey walkthroughs, You’re in the right place. Everything you need to know about Prey can be found below!

Prey Walkthrough Guide

Main Story

1. Break Out

2. An Office With a View

3. Through a Glass Darkly

4. Getting to Deep Storage

5. Deep Storage


Miscellaneous Prey Walkthrough Guides

1. How to Access DLC items

2. Safe Combinations

3. Weapon Locations

4. Door Codes

5. Escaping Deep Storage

6. Starbender Books

7. Streams


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