Prey Talos I Lobby Room Guide

Talos I Lobby is fairly vast, so for the sake of clarity in this guide, I will be breaking it down floor by floor. If you have no interest in exploring each floor and would rather complete the quest, An Office With a View, head directly to Morgan’s Office which is located on Level 3. Below you will find our Prey Talos I Lobby room guide.

Talos I Lobby room guide

This is Level 1 of the Talos I Lobby

Talos I Lobby room guide: Level 1 Rooms 

Using the above picture for orientation, the left side of the Lobby features rooms Psychotronics, Employee Orientations, and Restrooms.

Talos I Lobby room guide

Psychotronics entrance (locked for now)

Psychotronics – Locked for now

Employee Orientations – This room is basically a trap. It appears to have various useful items in it, but all the items are Mimics. AVOID! If you do make it through the room, upon exiting, there is a suitcase on a bench with a medkit in it.

Restrooms – Inside the Men’s Restroom you will find a Medkit. In the Women’s you will find some junk. Note you may get attacked by Mimics here.

Right Side

That’s all for the left side of the Talos I Lobby, head over to the right side (use Talos I Lobby picture for orientation). The right side of the Lobby has a lot of Mimics (mainly by the stairs leading up to your office) so be cautious.

Transtar Exhibit – The Transtar Exhibit gives background on Transtar. If you’re interested in story, hit up the year displays for some interesting information. Otherwise go into this room simply to grab the Neuromod in the display case and the Medkit on the wall.

Security – Appears to be locked but can be accessed by jumping on the pipe in the hallway and entering through the duct. The Security Room has a ton of items to grab, a safe, as well as a Holding Room. Codes for both the cell and the safe are found later, but can be grabbed from both the Door Code and Safe Code guides. Grabbing the note inside the Holding Room triggers the sidequest, “Stolen Neuromods”.

In the middle of the Lobby, you will find an Elevator (broken), a concierge/reception desk (grab Medkit and Trauma Center Keycard here), and an entrance to the Shuttle Bay (locked).

Talos I Lobby room guide: Level 2 Rooms

On the right side of the Lobby (Level 2), you will find the Staff Lounge and Trauma Center. These are accessed by the stairs.

Staff Lounge – While the entrance to the Staff Lounge may appear to be boarded up, you can actually access the room by jumping on the beam and walking to the center balcony. Inside the Staff Lounge you will find Mimics, various food items, a recycler, and a Transcribe which gives you a Key Code to the Pilot Lounge.

Talos I Lobby room guide

Trauma Center – While we have access to the Trauma Center, I would recommend avoiding the room for the time being.

On the Left Side of the Lobby, you will find Human Resources, the entrance to the Neuromods Division (how we entered the Lobby), and IT Security.

Talos I Lobby room guide

Human Resources – Is inaccessible for now

Talos I Lobby room guide

IT Security – Is also inaccessible for now

Talos I Lobby room guide: Level 3 Rooms

On the right side of the Lobby, you will find Executive Suites, Your Office, Teleconferencing Room, and the entrance to Hardware Labs.

Executive Suites – The Executive Suites contains two offices and the entrance to Your Office. Both offices have interesting things inside them, but Bianca Goodwin’s office is easily the more important. By accessing Goodwin’s email, you get the code for the Volunteer Quarters. There is also another Key Card to the Trauma Center in case you missed the one in the Concierge Booth on Level 1.

Your Office – You have to come Your Office to progress in the main story of Prey, so I won’t spend much time on it. The office contains a bunch of materials, DLC items, Recycler and Fabricator. You will come back here a few times throughout the story.

Teleconferencing Room – This room is pretty empty. The only major item to grab is the Silenced Pistol. There are a few Mimics to fight in this room.

Talos I Lobby room guide

Hardware Lab Entrance – This is how you access the Hardware Labs.

On the left side of Level 3 is the Sales Division

Sales Division – The Sales Division is a cluster of offices found on Level 3. Inside the Sales Division, you will face a Phantom. After killing the Phantom, you will be able to explore the offices. There is junk to collect, a Huntress Boltcaster + Bolts, and Neuromods (part of the Stolen Neuromods side quest).

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