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As you play through Prey, you will soon realize that there are a lot of books to read. Some of you may read them, while others will simply skip over them (that’s fine). There is a certain set of books you may want to find. Collecting all six of the Starbender books located around Talos I will unlock the “Prism Master” achievement or trophy. Luckily for us, these books are relatively easy to collect. Below is our Starbender book locations guide. Note: There are multiple copies of the same books in various areas of the station, which makes collection pretty easy. Only the sixth and final book is found in only one area. 

The Darkstar Anomaly (Book #1)

Hardware Labs – Look for a service hatch near the second floor grav lift. Go in the hatch to find a copy of The Darkstar Anomaly.

Crew Quarters – There is a copy of The Darkstar Anomaly in Danielle Sho’s cabin.

Deep Storage – There is a copy of The Darkstar Anomaly on Akande’s desk.

My Enemy’s Enemy’s Enemy (Book #2)

Hardware Labs – Beneath the Recycler and Fabricator in the Machine Shop is a large caged area. Inside you will find a copy of My Enemy’s Enemy’s Enemy.

G.U.T.S. – Inside the Magnetosphere control room is a copy of My Enemy’s Enemy’s Enemy.

Crew Quarters – Inside Jada Mark’s cabin is a copy of My Enemy’s Enemy’s Enemy.

Spatial Delivery (Book #3)

Psychotronics – In the Decontamination area’s women’s locker room is a copy of Spatial Delivery.

Crew Quarters – Inside Abigail Foy’s cabin is a copy of Spatial Delivery.

Cargo Bay – In the Cargo Shipment Control Center is a copy of Spatial Delivery.

Backstabbed In The Face (Book #4)

Starbender Book Locations

Arboretum – Beside the JFK bench is a copy of Backstabbed in the Face.

Crew Quarters – Inside Will Mitchell’s cabin is a copy of Backstabbed in the Face.

Life Support – In the Air Filtration Control Room is a copy of Backstabbed in the Face.

Crown of Tumbleweed (Book #5)

Talos I Exterior – In the Shuttle Exalt cargo hold is a copy of Crown of Tumbleweed.

Cargo Bay – Across from the Med bay/Quartermaster’s room in a Storage Room.

Power Plant 

Darkstar Rising (Book #6)

Crew Quarters – Inside Alex Yu’s suite is the only copy of Darkstar Rising.

By reading one of each volume of the Starbender Book series, you will unlock the achievement, “Prism Master”. Use the above Starbender Book location guide to make the collection process relatively painless.

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