Prey Side Quests Guide

Prey has been out for a few days now, and that means people like me have no lifed it pretty hard. One thing I’ve come to realize is that there are a ton of sidequests to complete. These sidequests range from the simple, to more complicated. Given the amount of sidequests in Prey, I thought I would throw together a Prey side quests guide for all my loyal readers. Check it out below!

Stolen Neuromods

To start this quest, access the Holding Room inside Talos I Lobby’s Security Room. The code to access the Holding Room is 1129. Inside the Holding Room is a note. On the note, you discover that there Yuri Kimura has stolen Neuromods in her office. Yuri’s office is located on Level 3 of the Talos I Lobby inside the Sales Division. Head to the Sales Division, locate Yuri’s Office and you will find the Neuromods under the desk.

Dr. Calvino’s Workshop Secret Stash

While this is not an official Prey side quest, finding the Calvino’s Secret Stash does unlock the Coffee Break achievement, so I figured I would include it. After gaining access to Calvino’s Workshop during the Through a Glass Darkly quest, you will be able to access videos of Calvino working on the Looking Glass. The second video ends with Calvino walking with his thermos to the left corner of the frame. Calvino then opens a hidden wall stash.

To complete the achievement, all you need to do is grab Dr. Calvino’s Tumbler (on desk in right side of room when facing Looking Glass) and place it on the weigh scale. This opens the cabinet and gets you the Coffee Break achievement. There is also a Key Card inside the Secret Stash which is useful later on.

Saving Rani

If you go to the Greenhouse when you first enter the Arboretum, you will get a chance to save the people inside. One of these people is Rani, who gives you the door code for a storage area in the Arboretum. To start the quest, you will need to access the computer beside the door. You have two options to access, either hack or find the code.

The code for the Greenhouse computer is relatively close by. Head back down the stairs and look for a pathway near the entrance to the Crew Quarters. Take the pathway up and you will find a little alcove/sitting area where there is a note. Grab the note and the computer code is on it. Return to the computer, input the code and enter.

Be careful fighting in here as it is very easy to kill the humans. My approach was to use Nullwave Transmittors to incapacitate the humans while fighting the enemy. I also brought up the Turrets nearby to make the fight even easier. Make sure you keep Rani alive in order to get the code and trigger the quest. Once the enemy is dead, Rani will ask you to bring some turrets up from the supply closet. Do this and the quest is complete.

Cook’s Request

When you enter the Crew Quarters, you will receive the quest title “Cook’s Request“. To start the quest, head to the Cafeteria located on the main floor of the Crew Quarters. Once in the Cafeteria, the Cook will request that you clear the Cafeteria of enemies. Do this and the Cook will talk to you by the serving window. He will then ask that you do a second quest for him.

The second quest is to grab an award from Will Mitchell’s Cabin. He will give you a key card, so all you have to do is head to the cabin and grab it. Once you have the award, return to the Cook and he will let you into the Kitchen. Inside the Kitchen, the Cook will ask you to complete the final quest which requires fixing or replacing a Regulator. Fixing is the easier of the two options, but if you lack the skills, head to the greenhouse and grab the part (See Saving Rani on how to get in).

Once you have fixed or replaced the Regulator, the Cook will let you into the Freezer. Upon entering, you will immediately realize that you have been double crossed. The Cook is not who he claims he is and instead wants to kill you. You will pass out, but come to. Loot everything in the Freezer and then shoot the flammable pipes to melt the ice and escape.

Gustav Leitner Side Quest

If you saved Dr. Igwe in the Cargo Area, this quest will become available to you. Dr. Igwe wants you to collect Gustav Leitner’s Connectome from his quarters. This is a fairly simple quest to complete. Head to Crew Quarters and Igwe will give you a recording to play. Take the recording and play it in front of the Leitner poster in Igwe’s quarters. The poster will move to reveal a hidden safe. Inside is the Leitner Connectome. Grab it and return it to Igwe in your office to complete the quest.

Unlocks Gift to the World Achievement

With This Ring… Side Quest

Inside the Cargo Bay area, where the survivors are holed up, is a character named Kevin Hague. Talk to Kevin Hague and he will ask you to check on his wife in the Crew Quarters. Regardless of whether she is alive or dead, Kevin wants you to grab a wedding ring from her. This quest is also fairly simple to complete. Head to the Crew Quarters and go into the Executive Suites (use gravity lift to access). Head down the hall and enter the suite across from Alex’s. Inside you will find that Nicole Hague is a Phantom. Kill her, grab the ring from her corpse and return it to Kevin Hague.

Mikhaila’s Medicine

When you enter the Power Planet, you will meet Mikhaila. Mikhaila is in pretty rough shape and could die if you don’t grab her medicine. After you finish talking to Mikhaila (have to as part of main story), the side quest Mikhaila’s Medicine starts. The quest is timed, but you have like 1 and a half hours to complete.

Like the name suggests, you need to get medicine for MIkhaila. Mikhaila’s medicine is located in a cabinet inside her office. The office is in an area of the ship where a hull breach has occurred, so you will need to access it from Talos I Exterior. Inside the hull breach is a cabinet with the medicine inside. Grab it and return to Mikhaila. This completes the quest.


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  1. CaptClue says:

    Maybe you should through in the hidden neuromod that is hidden by a doctor. He orders a custom weighted travel mug that unlocks a cabinet in the wall of a laboratory, you just need to get the mug and place it on a platform… I know it sounds vague, but know you recall exactly what I mean. lol

    • enricofairme says:

      I have to get to that in my Second Playthrough. That’s why it ain’t on the list you jabroni

      • Starfly says:

        It’s in Dr Calvanis Lab (Hardware Lab, quite early in the game). There’s a Mug named after Calvani. Put it on a small weighting scale and a secret stash opens. (He give’s you Hints in his two emails (“I want a mug with a weight of exactly 120g” in one email and “Modify a scale so it send an on/off-signal when exactly 120g is measured”. In the looking glass video, you can see him walking to the scale. Every info (emails, video) are in his room.)

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