All Prey Safe Combinations Walkthrough

Hack Only Safes

There are some safes which are hack only, meaning they can only be opened by hacking. Below I will show you the contents of these safes to see if they are worth your time.

Safe 1: Before Entrance to Psychotronics

  • 1 x Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • 4 x Neuromod

Safe 2: Hardware Lab Hull Breach

  • 1 x Nullwave Transmitter
  • 2 x Neuromods

Safes/Codes Don’t Know Location

These are safes and codes that I have found but don’t know where the code/safe are. Help me out!

Safe 1: Mia Bayer’s Safe

Location: Shuttle Bay.

Combination: Need to find.

Code 1: Captain’s Loft

Location: Captain’s Loft

Combination: Hire Date

That’s all for this Prey Safe combinations. If you found more and want to submit, feel free to let me know. Hope this guide helps you.

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