All Prey Safe Combinations Walkthrough


Safe 6: Ballistics Lab

Area: Machine Labs

Combination: Varies

Safe Contains:

  • Various Materials

In order to access the code for the Ballistics Lab safe, you need at least Leverage 1. When you enter the lab, look for the gate leaning against the wall. Move the gate to get at the material as well as the sticky note with the code on it.

Safe 7 + 8: Deep Storage

Area: Deep Storage

Combination: Varies

Safe(s) Contain(s):

  • Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Neuromods
  • Recycler recipes

The hell hole that is Deep Storage has two safes which are unlocked by the same safe combination. The safe combination is located on a sticky note on the back of Cho’s computer (room upstairs).

Safe 9: Marks’ Safe

Area: Crew Quarters

Combination: Listen to transcribe about golden gun

Safe Contains:


Acquiring the Golden Gun from Marks’ Safe can be done a number of ways. The main thing here is getting the Key Card to get into Jada Marks’ Cabin. This can be done by find the Captain’s body in the Captain’s Loft on the bridge. Once you have the Key Code then you can access the safe.

10. Calvino’s Safe

Area: Crew Quarters

Combination: Listen to log entry 3 on Calvino’s computer (Safe is located behind screen showing small town).

Safe Contains:

  • Neuromods
  • Junk
  • Spare Parts

11. Magnetosphere Control Room Safe

Area: G.U.T.S

Combination: The combination can be found behind a stack of Toilet Paper in the Magnetosphere Bathroom.

Safe Contains:

  • Weapon Upgrade
  • Recyclers
  • Spare Parts

12. Cargo Bay Security Safe

Area: Cargo Bay Hull Breach.

Combination: Talk to Sarah Elezar in the Quartermaster’s Area.

13. Life Support Safe

Area: Life Support.

Combination: Look for the body of Erica Teague. On her, you will find the combination.

Safe Contains:

  • Don’t know yet…

On the next page you will find the safes which can only be accessed through hacking. These safes show an error message when you attempt to put codes into them.

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