All Prey Safe Combinations Walkthrough

Arkane’s new game Prey is finally out. This means fans will have a whole new world to explore in Talos 1. Talos 1 features a ton of items to find and some of the really good items are locked away inside safes. Below are all the Prey safe combinations.


Static Codes

Safe 1: Simulation Debriefing

Area: Neuromod Division

Combination: 5150

Safe Contains:

  • 6.00 Exotic Material
  • 3x Psi Hypo
  • Nullwave Shielding

This is the first safe you come across in Prey. The safe is located in the Simulation Debriefing room just outside of Morgan’s apartment when you escape (after you smash the window). To get the safe code, you need to head to Morgan’s office which is located in the Lobby area (Second area, follow questline to get there). When you are in Morgan’s office, you will watch a video, look to the whiteboard in the video to discover the code.

Safe 2: Devries Safe

Area: Talos I Lobby

Combination: 7324

Safe Contains: 

  • 1 x Psi Hypo
  • Medkit
  • 1 x Suit Repair Kit
  • 3 x Neuromod

Dr. Devries safe is found in his office in the Trauma Center in the Main Lobby of Talos I. The combination for the safe is found in the quarantine cell, scratched into the wall.


Safe 3: Security Station

Area: Talos I Lobby

Combination: 0526

Safe Contains: 

  • Shotgun Shell Fabrication plan
  • Recycler Charger
  • Nullwave Transmitter
  • Emp Charge

The Security Station is located on floor 1 of the Main Lobby, underneath your office. To get the code for this safe, look at the book on the desk. The highlighted passage is 5:26.

Safe 4: Thorstein Safe

Area: Machine Labs

Combination: 9954 (Es + Xe on periodic table)

Safe Contains: 


  • 2x Psi Hypo
  • 7x 9mm bullets
  • 2x Recycler Bombs (?)

The Second safe is on the way to Dr Calvino’s Workstation. In the foyer area of the zone, there is a second floor. This second floor is accessed after turning of the power and accessing the security booth. Once this is done, you can open the locked security door and climb up the pipes. There are two phantoms on this floor to fight. Once you enter Thorstein’s office, you will see the safe and the code is on a sticky note on the side.

Safe 5: Kelstrup’s

Prey Safe Combinations

Combination: 6939

Safe Contains: 

  • Neuromods

This safe is accessed through the main storyline. It is located inside Kelstrup’s Office. You are given the code by Alex Yu.

On the next page, you will find where to locate the safe codes for the safes which do not have static codes.

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