Prey Key Card Locations Guide

Prey uses Key Cards to lock away interesting, useful, or story progress behind doors. Unlike other doors which can be hacked or opened with codes, doors that require a Key Card can only be open with them. Key Cards can be found all over Talos I and are valuable to discover. Use this hand dandy Prey Key card locations guide to ensure there is no locked door you can’t open.

Neuromod Division Key Cards

Door unlock: Simulation Lab (Neuromod Division).

Key Card Location: On the desk inside Dr. Bellamy’s office.


Door Unlock: Halden Graves’ Office (3rd Floor of Neuromod Division).

Key Card Location: Frederick Steele’s Corpse (found on the floor directly below Grave’s Office).

Talos I Lobby Key Cards

Door: Trauma Center (Talos I Lobby).

Key Card Location(s): In Goodwin’s Executive office, or on the Concierge desk across from the Shuttle Bay entrance.


Door: Teleconferencing Room (Talos I Lobby).

Key Card Location: Beside computer in Your Office.


Prey Key Card Locations

Door: Morgan Yu’s Suite (Crew Quarters).

Key Card Location: Beside medkit/Operator dispenser in Your Office.


Door: General Access (Elevator in Lobby/Maintenance Access/Psychotronics Access).

Key Card Location: January gives this Key Card to you after completing Through a Glass Darkly (Main Story).


Door: Security Office (Talos I Lobby).

Key Card Location: IT Security on Second Floor of Lobby


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