Prey – Through a Glass Darkly Walkthrough

After you have completed An Office With a View  by visiting Your Office in the Talos I Lobby, you are then tasked with restarting the Looking Glass servers. The new story mission is called Through a Glass Darkly and requires you to venture into a new area, the Hardware Labs. Inside the Hardware Labs lies Dr. Calvino’s Workshop, which houses the Looking Glass. Below is our Through a Glass Darkly walkthrough. Hope it helps!

Foyer and Security

When you first enter the Hardware Labs, you will face a new enemy, the Corrupted Operator. These enemies are like normal Operators, but they want to kill you. To deal with the flying robots, use a mix of Gloo and wrench attacks to make fighting them easy. There are also a few Mimics about, so be careful.

After killing the enemies, make your way into the Foyer. There are not a lot of interesting things here, but explore and grab the few items that are around. Make sure to peek in the Telescope to see a floating person. Once done, head into the next room which houses the Security Booth.

Go inside the Security Booth (crouch under the sign by the door) and use the computer. Download the map and open the Security Locker. Leave the booth and head over to the Locker. Take everything from inside the Locker and head down the hallway towards the Demonstration Stage Viewing Theatre.

Getting to the Atrium

When you enter the Demonstration Stage Viewing Theatre, you will see a Phantom attacking someone on the enclosed stage. Unfortunately for that poor soul, he doesn’t survive. After a moment of silence for the lost Talos I resident, loot everything in the Theatre and drop down through the broken railing to the platform below.

After dropping down, you will notice a maintenance hatch. Open it and head inside. In the tunnel, you will find a pipe blowing fire. Use your Gloo Cannon to seal the pipe and pass by relatively undamaged. Pass the corpse at the end of the Maintenance Tunnel and use the pre-existing Gloo globs to climb up and out. You are now inside the Atrium.


Inside the Atrium you will come face to face with a Phantom. Phantoms are the humanoid Typhon that roam the halls of Talos I. These enemies can teleport, deal physical damage and shoot high damage projectiles. They are definitely annoying. If you have the patience, they can be stealthed by regularly easy. The other option is full on attack which should be mainly a combination of Gloo + weapon. I tended to save my ammo for these guys, because they are that annoying.

Once you have killed/snuck by the Phantom in the Atrium, head over to Calvino’s Workshop door to trigger the next section of the quest. It turns out Calvino locked the door and has the Key Card on him! We need to track Calvino down. To do this, use the door (not the maintenance hatch) to head back to the Security Booth. Use the computer in the booth to highlight Calvino’s location.

Through a Glass Darkly Walkthrough

Calvino’s body is found inside the Hull Breach in the Hardware Labs. To access him, we need to take a space walk. To do this, head back into the Atrium and make your way inside the Machine Shop.

Machine Shop + Space Walk

The Machine Shop houses a few Mimics and Corrupted Operators. I highly recommend taking these enemies out, but you can attempt to stealth. Make your way over to the Hardware Lab Airlock and open it. We can now enter space, but have no way of moving out there. That won’t do!

January realizes this almost instantly and tells you that you need to fabricate a Propulsion System. This can be done by grabbing the schematics near the Fabricator and then using the Fabricator to make it. Once you have the Propulsion System, you can enter space.

Calvino’s body is pretty easy to access. Head out of the Airlock and go right. Look for the huge hole in the station and go inside. Calvino is floating inside the Hull Breach. Search his body to get Calvino’s Workshop Key Card and make your way back to the Airlock. From the Airlock, head back through the Machine Shop to the Atrium. Take the Key Card to Calvino’s door and go inside.

Inside Dr. Calvino’s Workshop

Inside the workshop you will need to get power to the Looking Glass as someone has turned it off. Using the monitor pictured, get power running and access the Looking Glass. If you try to do anything, there will be error messages. Pick diagnostics and you will find out that there is a server which is not connecting. Choose the server and it will connect, bringing the Looking Glass back online. That’s all we need to do here. Head back to Your Office in the Talos I Lobby to finish watching the video.

After the video, you meet January, who is actually an Operator. January explains that you need to destroy Talos I and yourself with it. To do this, you need Alex’s Key and your Key. Alex doesn’t want you to destroy the station, so he destroyed your key. Fearing this would occur, you stashed a Key schematic inside Deep Storage. This is where we are headed now. This completes our Through a Glass Darkly walkthrough.

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