Prey – Getting to Deep Storage Guide

6. Crew Quarters

When you enter Crew Quarters, you’ll run into humans. These humans are under mind control and will run after you if you get to close. If you have Nullwave Transmitors, use them to neutralize the humans without killing. Otherwise, simply blow them away. From the inside of Crew Quarters, head all the way to the end of the hall and turn left. Go right in the Cabins area and look for the broken Danielle Sho door. Use her computer to gather your first voice sample. Next head to the Crew Habitation pods.

Crew Habitation Pods

Getting to Deep Storage

Just down the hall from Danielle’s Cabin is the Crew Habitation Pods room. Inside this room, you will more then likely run into a poltergeist type Typhon. This Typhon appears out of the floor and hurls items at you. This is one of the easier Typhons in the game to completely ignore. Either way, we are looking for a TranScribe at Skye Braxton’s Habitation Pod. Go there and grab the TranScribe. Leave the area and head upstairs to the Yellow Tulip Club.

Yellow Tulip Club

On the second floor of the Crew Quarters, you will find the Yellow Tulip Club. Danielle Cho performed here and we are trying to get at the recording. The moment you enter the club, you will realize that the power is out. We need to get the power back on. To do this, head over to the maintenance hatch pictured, go inside and turn on the power. Exit the hatch then head over to the computer. There are two files on the computer, one is Alex’s Speech, the other file is the one we want. BEFORE TRIGGERING THE FILE, BE SURE YOU ARE READY TO FIGHT. The file basically plays loud music over the speakers, signalling for the Typhons to converge on your location. You need to survive for about a minute to complete this objective.


After you clear the Yellow Tulip, head across to the Theater. Inside the second theater, under a seat you will find a TranScribe with more of Danielle Sho’s audio on it.

Crew Rec Room

Getting to Deep Storage

With the audio files collected from upstairs, head back down stairs and into the Crew Rec Room. Make your way through the Rec Room until you get to the table where crew were playing DnD. Here you will find yet another audio file, along with a key card to Abigail Foy’s Cabin. Take both items and head to Abigail Foy’s Cabin.

Abigail Foy’s Cabin

Inside Foy’s Cabin you want to access the computer. You can either hack the computer or use the code located on the sticky note on the underside of the desk. Access the computer and the audio log. That’s all we need to do in here.

Cafeteria/Chief’s Request

When you entered the Crew Quarters you received the ‘Cook’s Request‘ side quest. To get all of Danielle Cho’s audio files, we are going to complete this sidequest. The quest itself is pretty straightforward. The Chief wants you to do three things for him: clear the Cafeteria, collect his Trophy, and fix the the Water.

Clear the Cafeteria is pretty self explanatory – basically kill or neutralize all enemies in the Cafeteria (doing this triggers the second part)

Get the Chief’s Award – Head to the Chief’s Cabin and collect the reward.

Getting to Deep Storage

Fix/Get a new Regulator – Fixing is the easier of the two options. If you choose to collect, you need to go to the Greenhouse and grab the item there.

Getting to Deep Storage

After you complete the three quests, the Chief will let you inside the Freezer. There are plenty of goodies to find in here, but it also turns out that the Chief is an imposter. This creates a whole nother quest line, but for the main stories sake, we will simply loot the TranScribe off of Abigail Foy’s body. This will get us enough voice recordings to head into Deep Storage!

7. Deep Storage… Finally

Getting to Deep Storage


With the audio clips in hand, make your way all the way to Deep Storage again and use the recordings on the door. The recordings take a few tries to work, so I highly recommend killing as many enemies as you see before attempting to do this. Either way, open the door and head inside.

This ends our getting to Deep Storage guide. Hope that it helped! Any questions, hit me up in the Pit below and I’ll help you as best as I can!


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