Prey – Getting to Deep Storage Guide

3.Getting Through G.U.T.S

G.U.T.S is a hell hole. Seriously. There are so many enemies and the enemies are super annoying. Oh and did I mention that it is all in zero gravity? Yeah. Enjoy this area. But in all seriousness, getting through G.U.T.S can either be slow and methodical, or fast and hard. I opted for the fast and hard approach as I lack patience, but either approach works. To work your way through G.U.T.S, follow the piping. As you make your way through the pipes you will come to big areas with enemies in them. These enemies can be taken out from a distance, either with guns or by throwing objects.

As you make your way through the pipes, you will eventually come to a locked maintenance door. This door requires a code. The door code is found on the body of Kimberly Bomo, who is on the right side of the tunnel (facing away from the locked door). Grab the code and open the door to continue.

Continue forward and you will come to another locked door. This door access the Arboretum and requires a key card to open. The key card is found in the Magnetosphere. To get to the Magnetosphere, look for the floating corpse and head up. There will be an opening here with a sign for the Arboretum. Follow the signage and make your way to the Arboretum.


The reason you enter the Magnetosphere, is to get a key card. This key card is located inside the Magnetosphere generator room. Inside the room is a corpse floating which has the key card on it. The problem here is that the Magnetosphere generator is firing. That means every few second an EMP blast is sent out. To get to the key card, you need to time your entrance to just after the generator cycles. This will give you adequate time to float in, grab the key card and get out.

You need to go upstairs to access the entrance into the generator area which is filled with enemies to fight. Deal with them, go inside the generator, grab the key and then head back to the door and unlock it (on the way out there will be some Corrupted Operators to fight). Continue following the signage until you reach the entrance to the Arboretum.

4. Arboretum

The Arboretum is filled with luscious plants as well as a giant Typhon beast who wants to kill you. Lucky for us, we need to pass through the Arboretum to get to the entrance to Deep Storage. Once you enter the Arboretum, you will come face to face with the Nightmare. This giant Typhon will pop up throughout your playthrough and is literally a beast to take on. For the time being, it is best to avoid it at all costs.

To enter the Arboretum, take the vent shaft to the right of the Nightmare door. Make your way through the shaft and you will emerge in the Arboretum. Here you will find a bunch of interesting areas to explore, but for now, we will focus on getting to Deep Storage.

Deep Storage can be reached by accessing a grav lift on the opposite side of the map from where you emerge. To get their simply go down the stairs and turn right then take a left and follow the path until you reach a grav lift to Deep Storage. There are a bunch of enemies around, so be careful. Once at the Deep Storage door, you will learn that it has been voice locked, meaning we need to collect voice samples to open it (YA).

The voice samples we require are found in Crew Quarters. Before we head there, make sure to loot the Crew Quarters key card off the body next to the Deep Storage door. Take the key card and back track, follow the signage to Crew Quarters (along the way there will be Phantoms).


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