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After you complete Through a Glass Darkly,  you will be told by January that you need to go to Deep Storage to get the schematics you hid for your arming key. The process of getting to Deep Storage is a bit of a long journey. Hopefully our getting to Deep Storage guide will help make the process a bit easier. *The journey to Deep Storage is long and full of enemies. Make sure you stock up on supplies before leaving Your Office. 

1. Deep Storage

Once you complete the Through a Glass Darkly quest, you will be tasked with getting to Deep Storage. January suggests you use the elevator in the Talos I Lobby to do this, so make your way there. Once at the elevator, you will soon learn that something is blocking it in the Arboretum. January will inform you that there is a detour you can take to access Deep Storage through Psychotronics, so head that way now. With the General Access key card we got from January, the Psychotronics door will now be accessible.

Make your way down the stairs towards the entrance to Psychotronics. Be warned that there will be a phantom or two on the way down, so either stealth your way down or go down ready to fight. After you clear your way down, walk to the entrance to Psychotronics and make your way inside. You are now inside Psychotronics.

2. Detour Through Psychotronics

Once you enter Psychotronics, you will get a new objective about making your way to G.U.T.S. To do this, head straight through into Psychotronics, past the security checkpoint, until you reach the washrooms. The men’s washroom is closed off, so make your way into the women’s washroom. Make your way through the women’s washroom until you make it to Decontamination. Decontamination is locked until you acquire a Psychoscope. Let’s get you that Psychoscope!


To get the Psychoscope head into the men’s washroom and jump down the hole found inside. Destroy the Gloo blocking the access to the second area of the room and fight the Mimics that emerge. Make your way into the second room and loot the Psychoscope off the body inside.

Aside: What is the Psychoscope?

Getting to Deep Storage

The Psychoscope allows you to scan enemies and determine their weaknesses. Alongside the information you gather from scanning, you also get points towards new ability unlocks. Scan enough Mimics and you will unlock the ability to Mimic objects (for example). You will want to scan most of the enemies you come across as this will help your character become more powerful.

With the Psychoscope on your face, return to the Decontamination room and make your way through it. You will enter into a locked room that requires ‘calibration‘ of the Psychoscope before you can continue. Alex will contact you and explain what you need to do, but the process itself is pretty simple.

Calibrate the Psychoscope

Inside the room you will find four pods in the middle of the room. Inside the pods are specimens you will need to scan with your Psychoscope. Do this and Alex will tell you to access Kelstrup’s safe (he’ll give you the code). Kelstrup’s safe is located inside Kelstrup’s Office. To access the office, look for the window covered in Gloo. Break the Gloo and jump inside. Inside you can access the safe (gets you Neuromods). After you access the safe, move on to the newly unlocked room (the door pictured). In the room after the door, there is an observation window, here you want to head to the right towards Live Exam/Morgue.

Make it through Live Exam Room

Inside the Live Exam, you will come up to another locked door. In order to progress, you need to finish the Live Exam that was in progress. Use the computer to open the shutters. This brings a Weaver over, who will zap the body and turn it into a Phantom. You need to kill the Phantom to open the door. Killing the Phantom is rather simple, but if you need to, simply kite back into the hallway and use the space to your advantage. Once the Phantom has been killed, head through the door that unlocks and make your way to G.U.T.S (the worst game area).

On the next page, I will lay out how to make your way through G.U.T.S


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