Prey Endings

Like other Arkane Studios games in the past, Prey has multiple endings. These endings tell a different outcome to the story for Morgan and Talos I. Obviously heavy spoilers below if you don’t want the endings spoiled for you. Check out Prey endings below. SPOILER WARNING

1. Abandon Ship

The Abandon Ship ending is just as it sounds. You choose to leave Talos I without solving any of the problems. This ending is not really an ending per se, but is a fun little side ending for those who would want to GTFO as quickly as possible. To get this ending (and achievement), you will need to complete the Who is December sidequest. This gives you access to Alex’s personal escape pod.

2. Perdition (Blow up Talos I)

The Perdition ending in Prey has Morgan siding with January. As you probably realized, January wants you to destroy Talos 1. This directive comes from ‘you’ as you programmed January to do this. The point of Perdition is to completely stop the Typhon by eliminating all of them on the station as well as yourself. This is action is intended to save earth.

3. A Mind Without Limits

As you progress through the story in Prey, you learn that Alex has a way to remove the Typhon, but keep Talos I intact. This action will enable humans to become more advanced, as the knowledge gained will allow for better modification. By killing off January and siding with Alex, we can put this action into motion. What we get is an interesting sequence which has the Typhon being completely cleansed from the station.

After Credits (Take Hand or Kill Everyone)

Once you have beaten Prey, you will get an after credits scene which runs down how you fared throughout the story. This scene then ends with you deciding whether or not you will befriend Alex and the rest of humanity, or kill everyone. Check out the video to see both scenes.

More Prey Endings to come

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