Prey Door Codes Guide

Nonstatic Door Codes

Mail Room (Crew Quarters): Look for a note in Anders Kline’s Habitation Pod.

Executive Suites (Crew Quarters) –  Read either the “Food request for Alex” email on Will MItchell’s computer, or the ” Personal Training Session” email on Emma Beatty’s computer.

Fitness Center (Crew Quarters) – Access the computer in the Security Booth. Read email about the new gym code to get the code for the Fitness Center.

Prey Door Codes

Freezer (Crew Quarters) – During the Chief’s Request side mission, the Chief will put the code in for the freezer.

Stairwell Access (Deep Storage) – Read the note beside Zachery West’s computer.

Storage Room (Life Support) – Read the note in the Oxygen Flow Control Room.

Storage Room (Power Plant) – Listen to the TranScribe found on the body of Duncan Krassikoff.

This concludes our Prey Door Codes guide. I guarantee I missed some, so let me know what you find in the comments below and I will add them to the list.

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