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Nonstatic Door Codes

Prey Door Codes

Code for Quarters

Volunteer Quarters (Neuromod Division) – The location for this code is found in Bianca Goodwin’s email marked Volunteer Attitude. Her office is located two doors down from Morgan’s office.

Pilot Lounge (Shuttle Bay) – To find the code for the Pilot Lounge, go to the Staff Lounge in the Talos I Lobby and look for a TranScribe on the Octavia Figgs corpse.

Director Thorstein’s Office (Hardware Lab)  – To get the code to Director Thorstein’s Office, check the email on Thaddeus York’s Computer which is located in the room before the door.

Machine Shop Supply Closet (Hardware Lab) – In the same room as Thaddeus York’s computer, is a second computer with access to the Small Scale Testing email group. Check the email on this computer to get the code.

Supply Closet (Talos I Exterior) – Listen to Calvino’s “First Thing Tomorrow” TranScribe.

Maintenance Tunnel (G.U.T.S) – Read the note found on the body of Kimberly Bomo.

Storage AR01 (Arboretum) – If you save Rani Chaudhary inside the Greenhouse, you get the code for Storage AR01.

The next stage continues how the nonstatic section and includes doors in the Crew Quarters, Deep Storage, Life Support, and the Power Plant.

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