Prey Door Codes Guide

Prey likes to lock interesting areas away behind locked doors which require the input of certain codes. These codes can be found throughout the world via things like notes, emails and voice coms. Like the safes, inputting the code usually unlocks beneficial items which you can use to survive. Here are all of Prey door codes. Note that not every code in Prey is static, so you will actually have to find some.

Static Codes

Prey Door Codes

Morgan Yu’s Office

Morgan Yu’s Office (Talos I Lobby/Level 3) – 0451


Prey Door Codes

Holding Room

Holding Room (Talos I Lobby/Security Room) – 1129


Prey Door Codes

IT Security is located on the second floor of Talos I Lobby

IT Security (Talos I Lobby/Level 2) – 0913


Prey Door Codes

Armory is next to the prisoner (Psychotronics)

Armory (Psychotronics) – 8714


Prey Door Codes

Story mission code

Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container (Talos I Exterior) – 2312


Prey Door Codes

Reactor Room (Power Plant) – 3845

On the next page, you will find a list of the nonstatic door codes in Prey. These codes need to be found at their source and then you will get the proper code for your game.

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