Prey – An Office With a View Walkthrough

Now that we have made it to Talos I Lobby, the real game begins. The lobby area acts as a hub for the station, and is a place you will frequent quite often. Within the Lobby, you will find Your Office, an elevator (for faster travel), as well as a bunch of various entrances to other areas of Talos I. This section of the Prey guide will focus on the Lobby as well providing  quest An Office With a View walkthrough.

An Office With a View

Once you arrive in the Talos I Lobby, your new objective is to make your way to Your Office. Your Office is located on Level 3 of the Lobby and is accessed via the stairwell in the corner opposite to your entrance location (right side, back corner). As you make your way through the Talos Lobby, you may want to explore and loot a bit (more details on next page). However, this section of the guide will focus solely on completing An Office With a View.

As you make your way to the door to Your Office, note that you will most likely encounter a few Mimics. There are a few at the base of the stairs as well as some that will attack when you make it to the Executive Suites. If fighting the Mimics seems hard, make a mad dash to the Your Office door and let the Turret nearby deal with them. There are also turrets on Level 1 you can utilize in the same fashion.

Access the Office

Once you have made it to Your Office door, you will find that the door is locked. Head over to the computer at the reception desk (right of the door). Check the sticky note on the computer to get the computer password and then access the emails on the computer. You will find that the code is 0451. Input the code to access Your Office.

Collect Stuff/Use Recycler/Craft using the Fabricator

Once inside Your Office, spend some time looking around. If you have DLC items, you can access them via the Cabinet here. You can also pick up all the junk around the Recycler and then use the Recycler on that junk to make some material. Material allows you to craft items using the Fabricator (at this point you won’t have many recipes). Access the safe to gather a new recipe as well. Once done with all that, access the computer on the desk.

Watch Video and Complete Objective

The reason we came to Your Office is to access a video on your computer. This video is found under the Utilities Menu and plays on the Looking Glass behind you (Bioshock Infinite reference). The video shows you (Morgan) and explains that January is the only one to be trusted and the Typhon must be destroyed. When Morgan is about to explain how to destroy the Typhon, the video cuts out. This completes the An Office With a View objective. Next we learn that we must head to Dr. Calvino’s Workshop in the Hardware Labs.

Heading to the Hardware Labs

Before you leave Your Office, grab the Teleconferencing Key Card on the desk in front of you. With Key Card in hand, head out of your office, past the Executive Suites and unlock the Teleconferencing Room. Inside the Teleconferencing Room you will face off against some more Mimics. Kill them and snag the Silenced Pistol next to the corpse here. Continue through the room and head straight. Here you will find the entrance to the Hardware Labs. Before entering, grab the items by the broken Recycler. Head inside the Hardware Labs to start the Through a Glass Darkly objective.

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