Previous Job: What Each Does – Gleaner Heights

Gleaner Heights, the indie farming game that mixes farming and the supernatural is now out. Like other farming games, you arrive in Gleaner Heights having lived a past life. This means you can select a previous job which will actually provide you with a nice gameplay boost. Below you will find what boosts each previous job grants in Gleaner Heights. Note, you are only able to select one previous job at game start.

Previous Job

Accountant -You are very good at handling money. All selling profits are increased by 5%.

Veterinary -You know how to take care of animals and reduce their chances of becoming sick.

Cook – You are not exactly a renowned cuisinier, but you know the basics. You start with 10 cooking recipes.

Wrestler – You sure know how to swing and bash things and do slightly more damage with all melee tools.

Psychologist – Your expertise on human psychology helps diminish negative reactions when giving people items they hate.

These are the five previous jobs you can choose from when starting a playthrough of Gleaner Heights. As you can see, each job provides a minor benefit. Depending on what style of playthrough you wish to play, will determine which job you want to start with. If you want money, go with Accountant; if you want to be better at combat, go with Wrestler.

Which Previous Job did you start with? Let me know in The Pit below.


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