Pokemon Unite Season 1 Battle Pass Content, Free and Paid

The free-to-play Pokemon MOBA Pokemon Unite features a free and paid Battle Pass players can purchase in-game to get a variety of rewards. The battle pass like other passes features both a free and paid track for players to advance along that unlock items. So what’s inside it? The Pokemon Unite Season 1 Battle Pass content can be found below.

Pokemon Unite Season 1 Battle Pass

The season 1 BP is the first battle pass that appeared alongside the game’s release on July 21. This pass contains a mixture of unlockable items that will help you on the battlefield and make you look good while you are out there. The key items you can unlock are the Hip-Hop Style: Pikachu

RankFree UnlockPremium Unlock
1Hip-Hop Style: Pikachu
2150 Aeos Tickets
3Vivid Set: Headwear
4150 Aeos Tickets
5Vivid Set: Shoes
6150 Aeos Tickets
7Vivid Set: Bottoms
815 Item Enhancers
915 Item Enhancers
10Vivid Set: Innerwear
11Socks (Off-White)
12Canvas High-Tops (Yellow)
1315 Item Enhancers
14300 Aeos Tickets
1515 Item Enhancers
16Egg-Shaped Backpack (White)
1715 Item Enhancers
18300 Aeos Tickets
1915 Item Enhancers
20Star Hoodie (Lime Green)
21Sandals (Orange)
22Knee-High Socks (Green)
2315 Item Enhancers
2430 Item Enhancers
2515 Item Enhancers
26High-Top Sneakers (Green)
27150 Aeos Tickets
2830 Item Enhancers
2915 Item Enhancers
30Overalls (Indigo)
31Skinny Pants (Gray)
32 Design Socks (Black)
33 150 Aeos Tickets
34300 Aeos Tickets
3515 Item Enhancers
36Turtleneck Sweater (Green)
37150 Aeos Tickets
38300 Aeos Tickets
3915 Item Enhancers
40Gingham Set: Innerwear
41Hoodie (Pink)
42Gingham Set: Socks
43150 Aeos Tickets
44300 Aeos Tickets
4515 Item Enhancers
46Gingham Set: Shoes
47150 Aeos Tickets
48300 Aeos Tickets
4915 Item Enhancers
50Gingham Set: Bottoms
51150 Aeos Tickets
52Turtleneck Sweater (Sitrus Berry)
53150 Aeos Tickets
54300 Aeos Tickets
5515 Item Enhancers
56Tailored Jacket (Off-White)
57150 Aeos Tickets
58300 Aeos Tickets
5915 Item Enhancers
60Pokémon Face Hat (Pikachu) 
6115 Item Enhancers
62300 Aeos Tickets
6315 Item Enhancers
64300 Aeos Tickets
6515 Item Enhancers
66Denim Jacket (Blue)
67150 Aeos Tickets
68300 Aeos Tickets
6915 Item Enhancers
70Pikachu Set: Tops and Bottoms
7115 Item Enhancers
72300 Aeos Tickets
7315 Item Enhancers
74300 Aeos Tickets
7515 Item Enhancers
76Pikachu Set: Accessory
77150 Aeos Tickets
78300 Aeos Tickets
7915 Item Enhancers
80Pikachu Set: Shoes
8115 Item Enhancers
82Varsity Jacket (Red)
83150 Aeos Tickets
84300 Aeos Tickets
8515 Item Enhancers
86 Work Overalls (Green)
87150 Aeos Tickets
88300 Aeos Tickets
8915 Item Enhancers
90Captain Style: Cinderace

Once you reach the maximum rank of the Battle Pass you start unlocking special Battle Pass Prize Boxes. These loot boxes contain various random rewards when opened. You can hold a maximum of 25 of these boxes at a time. You have

Let me know what you think of the Pokemon Unite Season 1 Battle Pass content? Did you unlock everything in this pass? Drop a comment down below.

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