Pokemon Unite Held Items List

In Pokemon Unite there are special items you can give your Pokemon called Held Items. These items give specific boosts to the Pokemon that is holding the item in a variety different ways. There are a number of these items available for players to purchase from the Aeos Emporium in-game. To learn more about these items see the complete Pokemon Unite Held Items list below.

Pokemon Unite Held Items Table

The items listed below can all be found in the Aeos Emporium store in-game. These items are purchased using the currencies of Aeos Coins and Aeos Tokens.

Rocky HelmetDeals damage to nearby opposing Pokemon when the holder receives damage. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Assualt VestWhen the Pokemon is not in combat, grants it a shield that nullifies Sp. ATK damage.1,000 AC/625 AT.
Exp. ShareIncreases the Pokemon’s passive Exp. Point gain while it has the fewest Exp. Points on the team. However, the Pokemon will only receive Exp. Points for defeating wild Pokemon if it deals the final blow. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Sp. Atk SpecsIncreases the Sp. Atk after the Pokemon successfully scores a goal. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Aeos CookieIncreases the max HP after the Pokemon successfully scores a goal. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Score ShieldGrants a shield while the Pokemon is attempting to score a goal. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Buddy BarrierGrants a shield to the Pokemon and to the nearby ally Pokemon with the lowest HP when the Pokemon uses its Unite Move. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Float StoneIncreases movement speed when not in combat. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Energy AmplifierHas the Pokemon deal increased damage to opposing Pokemon for a short time after it uses its Unite Move. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Focus BandContinually restores the Pokemon’s HP for a short time when the Pokemon drops to low HP. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Wise GlassesIncreases Sp. Atk. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Shell BeltRestores some of the Pokemon’s HP whenever it successfully lands a move. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Scope LensIncreases critical-hit damage. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Muscle BandIncreases basic attack damage. 1,000 AC/625 AT.
Item EnhancerUsed to upgrade held items. 10 AT.

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