Pokemon Unite Gardevoir to be first new character, coming tomorrow

The Pokemon MOBA smash hit Pokemon Unite is already getting a new character for players to play. Gardevoir is coming to the title tomorrow in a new update. For further details on the Pokemon Unite Gardevoir, see information below.

Gardevoir is a Ranged attacker. This Pokemon arrives in game tomorrow, on July 28. The highlight reel above shared on the official Pokemon Unite Twitter account gives you a brief look at the different moves this character can use. There is a mixture of both offensive and defensive abilities based on psychic powers that are at the character’s disposal.

Pokemon Unite is a less traditional Pokemon title. The game features PvP action on a two line field. Each player picks a Pokemon character to use in-game and they fight each other in an attempt to score points on the other team’s goals. The team that scores the most points wins.

Regardless, if you haven’t played the title yet it is currently available on Nintendo Switch. The MOBA is planned to release on mobile in the fall. Pokemon Unite is free to play, but does have a battle pass system for its monetization.

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