Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Verdant Cavern Trial Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon features a number of trials which take the place of traditional gyms. These trials involve completing certain puzzles before accessing the Totem Pokemon (a powerful Pokemon variant). Below you will find our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Verdant Cavern Trial guide.

Verdant Cavern

Verdant Cavern

Verdant Cavern is located along Route 2. In order to access this first trial, you need to defeat Captain LLima in Hau’oli City. Once Captain LLima is defeated, you will be able to access Route 2 and Verdant Cavern.

Trial in Verdant Cavern

Verdant Cavern

The trial in Verdant Cavern involves everyone’s favorite rat Pokemon, Rattata. Inside the cavern are a number of burrows. Inside these burrows are Rattatas. You need to defeat a total of three Rattatas before being able to access the Totem Pokemon.

The first two Rattata battles can be completed by walking up to the burrows and looking inside. The last battle is harder to coax out, but is still rather simple. Head to each burrow shown in the cutscenes that trigger. Once this is done, Team Skull appears and fights you. Defeat Team Skull and they will block the two burrow exits, leaving only one accessible. Head here to trigger the final Raticate battle.

Totem Raticate

Once you complete the Rattata battles, you will be able to access the Totem’s Den. Head to the pedestal and grab the Z-Crystal. This triggers the battle with the Totem Raticate. Totem Raticate is a pretty simple battle, but it will call in ally Pokemon which can be a bit of a pain.

Upon defeating Totem Raticate, you will complete the first trial in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Once complete, leave Verdant Cavern to continue on the main story.


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This concludes our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Verdant Cavern guide. Hit us up in the Pit below with any comments you have.


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