Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Vast Poni Canyon Trial Guide

After completing the Thrifty Megamart trial, you will embark on a long section of story action. This story action involves the Aether foundation and flutes, and eventually leads you to Vast Poni Canyon. Here you will find your next trial. Use this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Vast Poni Canyon trial guide to help you complete it.

Vast Poni Canyon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Vast Poni Canyon Trial Guide

Vast Poni Canyon is located on Poni Island. It is located at the end of the Ancient Poni path and can only be accessed by advancing the storyline. Reaching the site of the Vast Poni Canyon trial involves beating a number of trainers along the way, so be prepared to do battle. Reaching the end of the Vast Poni Canyon will give you access to the trial site.

Vast Poni Canyon Trial

Vast Poni Canyon

The trial of Vast Poni Canyon is all about battling. As you make your way through the rock tunnel towards the altar in the distance, you will feel the piercing gaze of a Pokemon. This will trigger a fight against Jangmo-o. Defeating Jangmo-o will trigger an even fiercer gaze than before. Head closer to the altar and you will face off against Hakamo-o. Defeat Hakamo-o to trigger the final portion of the trial where “you feel the fiercest pair of eyes imaginable…” Walk up to the altar and take the z-crystal to fight Totem Kommo – o.

Totem Kommo-o

Vast Poni Canyon

Totem Kommo-o is a Dragon/Fighting type Pokemon. To make this fight easier, make sure you have Flying/Psychic/Ice/Dragon or Fairy type Pokemon in your party to exploit Kommo-o’s weaknesses. Defeating Kommo-o completes the trial and earns you Dragonium Z. From here you can head deeper inside to continue moving the main storyline along.


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