Pokemon Sun and Moon Get Exclusive Ultra Beasts

Pokemon Sun and Moon are boldly taking the Pokemon series in a whole new direction. Gone are the days of old, where players have to battle 8 gyms. Now Pokemon Masters test their ability against in the new Island Trials system. The new system puts Trainer’s knowledge to the test, with success granting a right tot battle each local Totem Pokemon. The successful defeat of these Totems opens up the opportunity to battle the island captains and Kahuna. This is not the only change as older generation Pokemon will appear in a new Alola form. Basically these Pokemon have undergone a redesign to show that there is environmental adaption that has occurred. While both of these changes are huge, the most intriguing change to me is the Ultra Beasts.

Ultra Beasts are rather mysterious currently. These crazy Pokemon appear on the Alola islands and bring destruction with them. Game Freak has released a trailer regarding some of the unique Ultra Beasts that will be available to players.

The verdict is still out on what these Ultra Beasts are. Are they Pokemon? Are they something else? Only time can answer that. UB-02 Beauty is the exclusive Pokemon Moon one while, UB-02 Absorption is the exclusive Pokemon Sun Ultra Beast. Players will find out what exactly these mystery creatures are when Pokemon Sun and Moon launches November 18th.

Which Ultra Beasts do you prefer? Let me know in the Pit below.


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