Pokemon Legends Arceus Reviews Rundown

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a new release from Game Freak that takes the Pokemon formula in a new direction. Instead of the battle-centric gameplay players know, the new title focuses more on exploration and catching Pokemon. Ahead of its January 28th release many outlets got a chance to review it early. Here’s a Pokemon Legends Arceus reviews rundown showing what they gave the title.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Review Scores

Image showing a mask in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Image via Nintendo/Game Freak.

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes place in the Sinnoh region, years before the events of the first Pokemon titles. Players are tasked with exploring the region to fill the first-ever Pokedex. Becuase of how early the game is the relationship between Pokemon and people is still developing. This means there are wild, more aggressive Pokemon to encounter.

Overall it appears much of the gaming press is happy with the experience presented in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Many of the reviewers appeared to appreciate the new direction Game Freak has taken the Pokemon game. Some common criticism for the title were that the graphics are not overly impressive and there are some bugs that reviewers encountered.

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