Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge Rewards

Pokemon Go has been seeing a bit of resurgence lately, and Niantic is certainly attempting to capitalize on this returning momentum. Besides raising 200 million in new investment, Niantic put on the first ever Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge. Basically the Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge was a challenge to players to go out in the world and catch as many Pokemon as possible. This event took place between November 20, 2017 to November 26, 2017, and there are currently a couple of Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge rewards still available.

Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge Rewards

Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge Rewards

As the Pokemon Go community was able to catch a mind boggling 3 Billion Pokemon, the Gold rewards are currently unlocked:

  • Double XP, Double Stardust, and 6 hour lures are in effect until December 1.
  • Farfetch’d an elusive Pokemon that is usually only exclusive to Japan is available worldwide until 5pm PT today (November 27).
  • Kangaskhan is available in East Asia until November 27.
Did you grab any of the Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge Rewards? Let me know in The Pit below.


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