Another Pokemon GO 5 Tips

Last week, I wrote I piece about Pokemon GO regarding a few tips to get started. As the internet is loving anything Pokemon GO related, I obviously have to double dip and hit you all with another Pokemon GO 5 tips to help you become the next Ash Ketchum.

1. Your Level Impacts The Pokemon Rarity and CP

Pokemon GO 5 tips

Look at all these rare and wonderful Pokemon

If you are a low level trainer, you may notice an abundance of terrible Pokemon. After about the fiftieth Weedle, you may be saying I give up. DONT. The game uses you level to determine the Pokemon you can catch. Essentially rewarding you for playing more.

The higher the CP of a Pokemon, the harder they are to catch. This is displayed in the catch circle. Pokemon which are low level and easier to catch are green, while higher level ones are orange.

2. How Incubation Works

Pokemon GO 5 tips

And now we walk

Pokemon GO has a nifty feature which allows you to gather Pokemon eggs. These eggs can be incubated using an incubator. In order for the egg to incubate, their is a certain distance attached to the egg. Some eggs are as little as 2 km, while other are 5 – 10. As to be expected, the higher distance eggs contain better Pokemon then the lower ones. As a note, in order for the game to count the steps, it must be on. If you think walking around without the app running will work, well you will be disappointed.

3. The Battle System is Different

Pokemon GO 5 tips

Poison Sting and Dig???

Many veterans of the series will notice that battles are no longer turn based. Now battles are confined to a small sixty second window. Moves occur in real time, so players simply tap on the enemy Pokemon to attack. Each Pokemon you catch only has 2 moves, a basic an special attack. The basic attack occurs when the two blue bars are empty, while the special attack can be used when the bars are full. Pokemon can also dodge by swiping left or right.

4. Pokeball Misses Can be Recovered

Ever try catching a Pokemon, only to miss most throws. Those missed Pokeballs can be recollected in order to keep your stock high. Basically if the Pokeball misses and falls to the ground you can simply tap it to retrieve it. As a result those Pokemon who are extra slippery don’t have to drains all the Pokeballs you have.

5. Pokestops Refresh Often

Pokestops are various landmarks throughout the world which offer a slew of goodies. However what you may not know is that Pokestops refresh rather quickly. I experienced this while playing, as I walked the length of a street and found all the Pokestops refreshed by the time a turned around and headed back. I have heard conflicting reports that the time is variable, but it seems to be around 5 minutes or so.

There you have it. Another Pokemon GO 5 tips to help you catch em all.

What tips did I inevitably miss? What are your Pokemon GO 5 tips? Let me know in the Pit below. 


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