5 Pokemon Go Tips to Help You Up Your Game

Image showing the Pokemon Go logo.

Last week, I wrote a piece about Pokemon GO, sharing a few tips to help you get started. Since the internet has a love for all things Pokemon GO-related, I’m doubling down and bringing you another set of 5 Pokemon Go Tips you become the next Ash Ketchum.

1. Level Up for Rare Pokemon and Higher CP

As you progress in the game, your trainer level determines the rarity and Combat Power (CP) of the Pokemon you encounter. Higher-level trainers have a better chance of encountering rare and powerful Pokemon. Keep playing to unlock more exciting encounters!

2. Master Egg Incubation to get Rare Pokemon

The Egg and Incubation screen on Pokemon Go.
Incubation is based on a distance traveled system.

Pokemon eggs can be incubated to hatch into Pokemon. Each egg has a specific distance requirement, ranging from 2 to 10 kilometers. Longer distances often yield rarer Pokemon. Remember to keep the app active while walking to ensure your steps count towards hatching eggs.

3. Learn the Real-Time Battle System

A Pokemon with Poison Sting and Dig in Pokemon Go.
Poison Sting and Dig???

Battles in Pokemon GO differ from traditional turn-based battles. They occur in real-time and last for sixty seconds. Tap on the enemy Pokemon to attack, and swipe left or right to dodge. Understanding this system is essential for mastering gym battles and raids.

4. Reclaim Missed Pokeballs

If you miss throwing a Pokeball while trying to catch a Pokemon, don’t worry! You can retrieve missed Pokeballs that fall to the ground by tapping on them. This ensures you won’t run out of Pokeballs when encountering elusive Pokemon.

5. Maximize Pokestop Refresh Rates

Pokestops, found at landmarks, offer various items essential for your journey. These stops refresh regularly, approximately every 5 minutes. Take advantage of this by revisiting Pokestops in your area to restock on items frequently.

By implementing these tips into your gameplay, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-tier Pokemon trainer. Have your own 5 Pokemon Go tips to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments below to help out fellow trainers!



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