Pokemon Direct Reveals Pokken Tournament DX, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Pokemon Gold and Silver on Virtual Console.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a surprise Nintendo Direct that would focus on Pokemon, called Pokemon Direct. The 8 minute stream, had many people theorizing as to what exactly the Pokemon Company had in store for us. Today those theories can be put to rest as the Pokemon Direct reveals Pokken Tournament Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver on the Virtual Console service.

Pokemon Direct reveals

The reveal highlights the Nintendo Switch. The first title on Nintendo Switch will be Pokken Tournament Deluxe. The Nintendo Switch version will feature 5 new Pokemon, as well as 3 on 3 battles. Pokken Tournament DX is slated for release on September 22nd.

After the reveal of Pokken Tournament, there was a brief teaser for the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. These games will tell different stories and have different Pokemon then Sun and Moon, but will be set in the same world. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will release on November 17th.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Teaser

The last announcement we received from the Pokemon Direct was that Pokemon Gold and Silver will be coming to the Virtual Console. On the Virtual Console, both Gold and Silver will have access to the Pokemon Bank application. Pokemon Gold and Silver will release on Virtual Console September 22nd.

Pokemon Direct reveals

Overall, the Pokemon Direct was pretty much a dud for me. While I was unsure of what to expect, the announcements just weren’t all that interesting. A killer Pokemon on the Switch could have seriously had me interested in picking up the console. Pokken Tournament DX just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe next year we will get something that really gets the hype going.

What did you think of what the Pokemon Direct reveals? Let me know in the Pit below.


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