Point of No Return in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2 players need to be aware of the game’s main story. Unlike other games you will reach a point in the story where you are locked in. This point is important as you may wish to complete a number of side stories and activities before doing the game’s epilogue. To learn more about the Point of No Return in Dying Light 2, see our guide below.

When Does the Epilogue Begin in Dying Light 2

Image showing the Point of No Return message in Dying Light 2.

The epilogue in Dying Light 2 starts during the main story mission called The Breakthrough. During this mission you will need to assault a Renegade Stronghold in the city. When you find the Stronghold you will be given the option to enter it. This triggers the above warning regarding beginning the game’s epilogue.

So what exactly does the epilogue entail? Entering the Stronghold locks you into finishing the game’s story. You will have to finish a number of main story quests which make the rest of the open world inaccessible.

Once you complete the main story and the credits end you can reload your saved game. Doing this rolls back some of the story choices you made. The world also scales up, allowing you to collect higher rank Weapons, Gear, etc. while you complete open world and unfinished quests.

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