PlayStation State of Play Rundown (Feb 25, 2021)

Another game reveal stream has come and gone with today’s being a Sony hosted livestream for their PlayStation console. This stream dubbed the PlayStation State of Play highlighted a number of new releases coming to the console over the coming months. To keep track of everything that was announced we’ve put together a short list below. Consult it to learn Everything Announced in the PlayStation State of Play on February 25, 2021.

PlayStation State of Play Games List February 2021

The PlayStation State of Play on February 25, 2021 highlighted a wide range of game titles for the PlayStation systems. These titles included a mix of AAA and indie release. All told there was 10 games shown over the 30 minute showcase. The games shown can be found below.

  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time: update coming for PlayStation 5. Will support 60 fps, 4K, advance audio, along with adaptive trigger support. PS4 to PS5 transfer will be supported. March 2021 release.
  • Returnal: New look at the upcoming Returnal title. Featured a good look at gameplay. Comparison that jumped out at me was Control meets Alien/Prometheus. Will release on April 30th.
  • Knock Out City: Third-person dodgeball game. Was shown off during the Nintendo Direct a week ago. Sequence showed off gameplay of this competitive multiplayer game. May 21st release date. Cross-play beta will be released soon on PlayStation.
  • SIFU: A martial arts title slated to release on PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2021.
  • Solar Ash: Brief look at gameplay of the upcoming title from Heart Machine. Game is focused on movement in a sort of runner platform amalgamation. There is combat in the game and enemies will scale to meet the players strength. Lots of large creatures to fight. Will launch 2021.
  • FNAF: Security Breach: Gameplay of the upcoming first-person entry into the FNAF series. This game tasks players with exploring a haunted restaurant/amusement building while being chased by mechanical creatures that have come to life. Will launch in 2021.
  • Oddworld: Soulstorm: Newest entry into the Oddworld series. Same platforming gameplay that players have come to appreciate with some interesting wrinkles. April 6th release date.
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits: Got a good look at this upcoming action adventure title through a mix of gameplay and cg. August 24 release date.
  • Death Loop: New look at the upcoming first person assassination game from Bethesda. Looks to be a mix of Dishonored and Hitman.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake: The livestream ended with a look at the upcoming second part of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Footage shown was a mixture of gameplay and cutscenes. Release date 06.10.21.

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