PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up Tool is Out Now, Share Your Results Here

2021 is in the books and we are well into the new year. Like many companies have been doing, PlayStation has released their PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up Tool for players to use to check out their year in gaming. More details about this system, and how to use it, are located below. Be sure to share your year in the comments.

News of the new 2021 PlayStation Wrap-Up report released on the official PlayStation blog. The blog post highlights the wrap-up and what interesting stats are shared in it. The main purpose of the wrap-up is that you can view your own personal stats alongside stats of the collective PlayStation audience from around the world.

Getting to your own stats is a fairly simple affair. Head over to the PlayStation Wrap-Up page and login to your PlayStation account. When logged in you will see your stats for 2021. There are a bunch of different statistics presented including total play time, how many games you played in 2021, and your top played game of 2021. Alongside your personal stats you will also see community stats. These stats show how the rest of the community did in certain key games. Many of the games shown are first-party titles from PlayStation studios.

At the bottom of the page you will find a reward you can claim. This reward is for a special, custom generated, Wrap-Up Avatar Pack. Follow the claim process to add the reward to your account. Once claimed you can then apply the avatar to your profile to show the world your year Wrap-Up details.

Thoughts on the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up? Drop your stats in the comments below.


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