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NBA 2K17 has a grading system similar to those in other NBA 2K games. Players are given various letter grades for how they perform during games. The better your player grade, the more VC you receive and the more playing time you get. So what sort of things can you do to get that sweet A+ score? Let me tell you.

Player Grade Syllabus (What to do for that A+)

  • Passing is a crucial part of basketball. Good passing can open up teammates and lead to easy buckets. On the flip side, bad passing leads to turnovers or bad shot opportunities. Throwing good passes increases your grade through the “Good pass” bonus. Alley-oop passing is another way to improve your grade.
  • Calling for the ball. Ever played a game of pickup and been annoyed with the guy who is “always open”? Well 2K grades you on something similar. In MyCareer, Anthony Davis is sick of hearing me call for the ball. Instead call for the ball only when you are open. This cuts down on the “Excessive call for pass” and “Call for pass ignored” penalties you will receive.
  • Screens. On ball screens are a good way of getting some easy grade points. If you see a teammate with the ball simply run up to the defender, press Circle/B to set a screen. This will give you the “Good screen” bonus. If the screen you set leads to a basket, you will get a Screen assist”.
  • Holding the ball. Unless you are Russel Westbrook, your teammates don’t want to see you breaking your own ankles. Only hold the ball long enough to run a play, make a cut or setup your teammates. Excessively dribbling the ball will earn you a “Held ball too long” decrease.
  • Shooting. Everyone loves to shoot. Scoring is sexy. However, throwing up forced shots is an easy way to screw your grade over. Focus on taking good, open shots to earn that “Good shot selection” increase.

The best defence is a good offence… Not really, but defense is another good way to get easy player grade points.

  • Block shots. A good blocked shot will earn you grade points.
  • Rebound & Box Out. Positioning yourself to grab rebounds by boxing out your man. Both actions will give your grade a nice boost.
  • Steals. Try to get steals, or poke the ball loose whenever possible. Be careful though, because reaching in too much is a good way to foul out quick.
  • Play Transition D. Getting back quickly on defense is another good way to get your player grade up. If the opposing team breaks out, try to disrupt the play and earn the Good transition defence”.

The easiest way to hurt your chances at an A+ rating is simply doing all the wrong things. 2K17  can be punishing on players, as one or two mistakes can tank you by a letter grade. Keep the above mentioned in mind when you hit the hardwood next and enjoy your A+ grade.

If you want more help, check out our NBA 2K17 stuff here.

How do you manage your Player grade? Let me know in the Pit below.


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