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Pikachu Valley is located just off of Route 4, between Heahea City and Paniola Town. In Pikachu Valley, you will find a number of Pikachus who want to play with you. While playing with Pikachus is always a good time, there are a few other activities you can do here. Below you will find the answers to the Pikachu Valley quiz along with some other activities of note in Pikachu Valley.

Pikachu Valley Location

Pikachu Valley is located to the northwest along Route 4. Look for the signage marking the entrance.

Pikachu Valley is located in the northwest portion of Route 4 (see above pic). There is a sign by the pathway leading to Pikachu Valley which highlights the entrance. There is also a duo trainer battle nearby, so use this as another landmark.

Upon arriving in Pikachu Valley, you will receive a Pikachu frame you can put you Alola Photo Club pictures inside.

Pikachu Quiz Answers

The Pikachu quiz is given by this lady, who is located to the right of the waterfall.

After you arrive in Pikachu Valley, you will be able to take part in a couple of activities. The first activity you may want to complete is the Pikachu Quiz. This quiz can be started by talking to the woman standing to the right of the waterfall (right when facing away from the Valley entrance). She will ask you to answer a total of five questions (answers can be found below).

Q1: By what part of a Pikachu’s body can you tell whether it’s a male or a female?

A1: Tail

Q2: What are the particular parts of Pikachu’s cheeks called?

A2: Electric Sacs

Q3: What do you need to evolve a Pikachu into a Raichu?

A3: Use a Thunder Stone

Q4: How is a Shiny Pikachu different from more common Pikachu specimens?

A4: Its coloring is darker

Q5: But who was the first person to discover the existence of Pichu?

A5: Professor Elm

Answering all the Pikachu Quiz questions correctly earns you the Pikachu shirt and Pikachu cap. These can be equipped on your trainer once you’ve earned the new fashion items.


The trailer is another thing you can interact with in Pikachu Valley. Attempting to enter it will trigger a short cutscene in which a Pikachu runs (sometimes 3x) out of it. If you talk to the male Trial Guide standing to the left of the trailer door, you can ask how many Pikachu are in the valley. He will reply with the number you’ve let out. There is no end to this madness, however after 999, players get a different message from the Trial Guide:

The Pikachu simply never stop appearing! Do you think that maybe that trailer could be…. connected to an Ultra Wormhole or something?!

Ha ha! Surely not, right?

On the very rare occasion, a Mimikyu will appear in the trailer door. If you talk to the guide about it, he does not believe you.


To the left of the camper is a Magnet you can pickup.

Partner Cap Pikachu & Pikashunium Z

While in Pikachu Valley, you may wish to collect Partner Cap Pikachu and Pikashunium Z. Both of these are acquired by scanning the QR code above (American and PAL regions). Once you have scanned the code, speak with the the postman to the right of the trailer to receive Partner Cap Pikachu (may have to leave and reenter to get him to appear). After acquiring Partner Cap Pikachu, place it in your party and talk to the Pikachu beside the quiz giver. It will give you Pikashunium Z (must have Partner Cap Pikachu in party).


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