Palworld Trailer is A Bizarre Ride You Need to See

Pokémon is now one of the most successful IPs currently in existence. While simple in concept, the series has created an insanely large following that loves the various pocket monsters you can collect. Over the years many challengers have risen to try and knock Pokémon off of its pedestal, but none have been quite as strange as Palworld. To believe this statement you need to watch the Palworld trailer which is a bizarre ride to say the least.

Palworld Trailer Gets Weird

Created by developers Pocketpair, Palworld describes itself as a “multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game. ” This descriptor is pretty standard fair in this day and age, but what stands out is the inclusion of creature companions called Pals that join you on your journey.

The trailer above starts fairly standard with there being a rather peaceful opening. Some 50 seconds later it quickly goes off the rails. The fun creature adventure quickly devolves into a shooter that features Pals creating weapons on a factory assembly line. If that wasn’t strange enough the shooting combat allows you to use your Pals as meat shields to the obvious dissatisfaction of them.

The mix of lighthearted and heavy content is very interesting and really has to be seen to be experienced. For more details on this title you can visit the official Steam page. The game currently has no release date besides sometime in 2022.

Thoughts on the Palworld trailer? Will you play the game? Let me hear them in the comments below.


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